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Welcome to Anuraaga Foundation

Anuraaga Foundation is a Non-profit Organization formed by working professionals.

The subjected objective of foundation is to work for orphans and for needy ones by maintaining transparency with the donor i.e., righteousness service. Yes, our organization aimed to utilize sources and resources by maintaining proper transparency with the donor and also as anorganization our passion is to provide food, clothing, shelter and education to the needy for the one who are struggling for basics needsand do also empowerthe people to stand on they own feet.

We alwaysbelievein “we cannot help everyone but everyone can help someone”.

Our Vision

We envision a healthy,productive and vibrant society where vulnerable groups, youths and underserved communities are equipped with knowledge, skills and resources that can enhance them to become self –efficient in Righteousness way.

Our Mission

Fueled by a dream to change the way of helping the society by the name of social service,  We have observed and faced the situations where serving the needy people has become a business and also personally enhased the funds in the name of need.Due to Untrusted organizations, Society is slowly loosing trust to help needy as genuineness became challenging one. As a responsible individual citizen, we decided to strengthen the hope, trust and show them righteousness way to help people and society. Anuraaga foundation takes pledge to help society and maintain transparency with donors by making use of sources in useful way.

Our Services

We split into different teams and reach out to the orphanage for the genuineness check, up on confirmation team approaches and help them with their problems.Our Team in parallel works for the permanent sponsors for the orphanage to support different categories like Grocery,Education, household goods and clothing depending up on respective orphan needs.For the youngsters and specially girl child we always provide motivational support along with career guidance.

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