Our Team

Anuraaga foundation

Mr.K.Ravi Kumar

Mr.K.Ravi Kumar is President for our Foundation.he is actively involved in all the activities which are usefull for the society.since very young age is was very kneen in helping the needy.he motivates his friends,known ,unknown people towards helping the needy .he is working professional ,who as more than 13 years of sales experience in various MNC’s.

Mr.Venkata Ramana

Mr.Venkata Ramana Sattiraju is our core member in starting this foundation and our vice President. Holds PG and veteran in sales and marketing field .working with a print Media for about 30 years. He is our motivational  source for the children’s  and team members.He is

Charity organizations
Charity organizations

M/s Sujatha Parichuri

M/s Sujatha Parichuri Garu our General Secretary holds Graduation in Arts.she is  working professional in print  industry for last 28 years.working for one of the best organizations in Asia.She gained the trust of her fellow workers and the top level management not just by being best at what she does .she gained their trust through being a helping hand and trusted advisor for them which made a huge difference in their life. She is passionate about social service and helping the needy.

M/s Nageshwari

M/s Nageshwari Garu is our Joint Secretary. She always  very humble in nature takes care the society as her own children .who involves in motivating children’s in behavioural qualities. Being a working women for past 15 years she as taken social as her key responsibility.

Charity organizations
Charity organizations

Madhavi latha

Madhavi latha Garu is   Treasurer of our Foundation. She is Btech graduate and holds MBA in HRM she is certified  internal auditor for ISO 9001-2008.working in a private sector.she is very much involved in helping the needy people and involved in regular activities since her class 12 she is very much involved in helping the children in every possible way .where ever she cant support in money she used to give moral support which is very much useful.

Mr.Naveen krishana

Mr.Naveen krishana is a working professional in packaging print media holds MBA in operations&Management &diploma in French Language and certified in offset printing .lives in Hyderabad .A activie member in Team Anuraaga involved in helping the needy childrens for about 10 years.

Charity organizations
Charity organizations

Mr.Subbiah Chary

Mr.Subbiah Chary is working profession in Printing media. Who as close to 20 years of vas experience in various digital media companies. He is our Executive Member .with his generous smiling activeness he supports the team and very good driving force for the children.


Mr.Karthik the most energitic and active core committee member. Since the he started earning his income he committed to society that in his income he will contribute some percentage to the orphans.he involves all the events which we conduct for the well being of childrens. 

Charity organizations
Charity organizations

Mr.Madhava Rao

Mr.Madhava Rao working professional in printing &packaging industry .holds diploma in Printing technology.is our active core committee member.who is step aways in any need to the society.he is involved since the birth our Anuraaga


Mr.Venugopal in our Core committee member .he is woring professional with luxury packaging in print media.he as diploma in print media.he is such a generous person who makes sure every weekend he contributes some time with orphans .which can ateast give them feel that they have someone who takes care of them.

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