Our Organization

Our Organization

Anuraaga have unique plan to execute in order to work for the orphan people. Our service will not only limited to donating food and providing shelter, we are beyond these things. We do visit orphans in cites try to educate on moral values, individuality, motivate to help themselves and others for better society Yes we pay a path for righteousness in service. We indeed believes in ‘We can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone to fulfill their dreams’ We fund among our unit and supporters and try to do our best for the orphan people and we do reach out and touch someone’s heart to bring light in their life. We started giving back to society the good ways from January in the year of 2015 and after our continuous support to the selected orphanages, we registered in the year 2017

Our Mission

Fueled by a dream to change the way of helping the society by the name of social service. we have observed and faced situations were serving the needy people as become a business and not letting the required to reach the needy.
After looking at all these society slowly loosing hope in trusting some fake organizations with which needy people are getting affected. As a responsible citizens of this country we decided to strengthen the hope and trust and show them genuine way forward in helping society. Anuraaga Foundation takes responsibility in every single accept which is useful for the needy people. we believe in conviction.

Our Vision

We envision a healthy, productive and vibrant society where vulnerable groups, youths and underserved communities are equipped with knowledge, skills and resources that can enhance them to become self –efficient in Righteousness way.

Core Values





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